Objectives and learning outcomes:

Students study opposing views on educational issues and reflect on their philosophical origins.

-Students can critically read, interpret and evaluate position papers

-Students can identify, synthesize, and evaluate main arguments of opposing views, present these to their peers and initiate a discussion

-Students connect their educational cultural background to the issues in discussions

-Students can review opposing views, integrate relevant other literature and articulate their own views in a position paper.


Students study and present opposing views on educational issues, and bring in their own educational cultural backgrounds into discussions. Students will produce a learning journal concerning 4-5 of the issues and a position paper on 1 of the issues. The learning journal will cover the main philosophical assumptions, arguments/evidence, and conclusions made by the authors on both sides of the issue. Students will shortly reflect on their own educational system's approach to this issue. Learning journal content will be used to facilitate discussion in the appropriate seminar sessions.