Teacher: Professor Lauri Paltemaa

Learning outcomes: Students will learn the general course of Chinese history from the beginning of the Chinese civilization to the present, its major phases, events, personages and developments.

Content: The course introduces students to Chinese history from the Stone Age to the present. The focus is on the political development and change of the Chinese state, classical Chinese political philosophy and statecraft, dynastic political system, the dynamics of the interaction between ‘barbarians’ and the Chinese civilization, and their influence in contemporary China as well as the development of modern China.

Taken as: Lectures 24h, exam (lectures and literature taken same time)

Literature: Select either of the following two books: Paltemaa, Lauri: Lyhyt johdatus Kiinan Historiaan (2018) OR Gordon Kerr: A Short History of China (2013).

Time: Spring 2018, Mondays 14-16, starting 15.1.2018

Venue: Pub 309


Note: this course substitutes the courses MEAS1024 Introduction to Chinese Contemporary History (2 cr) and MEAS1031 Introduction to Chinese Contemporary History Literature Exam (2 cr) that were part of the MEAS curriculum until 2016–2017. MEAS1024 and MEAS1031 will remain available online in 2017–2018 for students who need to finish their MEAS programme according to the old curriculum.