The course will examine the changing fields of legal operations, the law practice management, legal risk management and the legal information system with emphases on the essential skills associated with them each "corporate legal reporting." The practical example of the creative and digital industries can serve the best because of the disruption caused by technology including to the legal sector. First, it will address the significance of the different legal operations of a creative and digital corporation supported by a General Counsel (GC) and In-house Lawyers for a legal department.

Secondly, the character of the GC and In-House Lawyer is shifting in the digital corporate culture. The new roles demand that the lawyers can adopt many emergent new responsibilities. More and more, the CEOs and CFOs ask for the Legal Counsel to deliver up-to-date, correct material on a wide range of legal subjects, joined with tactical legal guidance to take necessary corporate decisions.

Furthermore, a legal counsel would be required to deliver detailed reports of all the related risks and opportunities under tight deadlines, name a few situations, during patent filing, mediation, crisis management, contracts, due diligence. Finally, the importance of learning legal operations, corporate reporting, and legal information, knowledge, risk and management systems will ensure that the future lawyers will able to keep many tasks otherwise will be shifted to non-lawyers. For example, the role of the data protection officer by a network administrator, mediation by an accountant, and digital standard contracts developed by non-lawyers web developer.