We are starting a new research seminar in the Faculty of Law, where junior and senior researchers can submit their papers to be commented by other researchers of the Faculty. The goals are to support and encourage the writing process and the publication process, as well as increase international publications and applications for external grants.

How It Will Be Done:

1.      If you have a paper of which you wish to get comments, please register for the seminar by sending e-mail to law-research@utu.fi by 29.11.

2.      Manuscripts can be ready for publication or drafts: They can be articles, part of a monograph, grant application etc.

3.      The papers should be submitted two weeks before the seminar, on 2.12. at the latest to the Moodle site: https://moodle.utu.fi/course/view.php?id=17508

4.      Daniel Acquah will allocate the commentators. The aim is to get two expert professors and one mid-career researcher to be designated (according to their expertise in the field of law) to thoroughly comment a paper. Alternatively, you can also make a request while submitting a manuscript that certain professors or researchers comment your work.

5.      The seminar takes place on December 16th at 13. It lasts for 2 hours maximum. Each participant should have a 15-minute presentation of the their manuscript. If there are many papers, the participants will be divided into smaller groups based on the themes.

6.      All participants must read the paper and be ready to comment.

7.      Those absent can join and contribute to the seminar via video conference or Skype.

8.      Doctoral students comment first, then mid-career researchers and teachers, and professors comment last.

For doctoral candidates: by participating on this seminar (paper + presentation + commenting papers) you’ll be granted 5 credits for compulsory dissertation seminars.

In case you have any questions, please contact Daniel Acquah (danacq@utu.fi) or Mirkka Ruotsalainen.