Learning outcomes: The course discusses citizen resistance in the form of public interest litigation in China in which Chinese citizens are making use of the law and judicial system to rightfully resist against rights violations, voice their concerns about social issues, and seek for social justice against the backdrop of socio-economic transition. By way of this course, students will have a better understanding of social contradiction and social conflict in China.

Contents: The course contents include such topics as: rightful resistance and public interest litigation, social stability and rights protection; citizen legal action and public participation; rational choice and compromise; non-confrontational strategies under the authoritarian regime, etc.

Taken as: Lectures (16 h), discussions, readings, and writing assignment.

Grading: On a scale of 1-5, active class discussion: 30%; essay: 70% (2000-words).

Times: spring 2016, Thursdays 16:00-18:00. First session 21 January, last session 10 March.