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Date: Friday, 7 October 2022, 2:58 AM


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1. Instructions for Teachers

These instructions (table of contents ->) are made for teaching personnel of University of Turku. Teacher Instructions are continuously developing so please tell us helpdesk@utu.fi what kind of instructions would you like to have. Please check the general instructions below first. Moodle is widely used in English-speaking countries, so it's user documentation is most up-to-date and well maintained in the links below. We have collected some guides here that mostly pertain to the University of Turku. 

Should you wish to view videos instead, here is a playlist on YouTube showcasing Moodle 3.8. and its basic use.

2. Request for a new course

Teacher can make request for a new course to Moodle using a course request form.

Required information in form is:

  • Category (select some else than 'Moodle trainings and others')
  • Course full name (course's full name)
  • Course short name (you should use course code from Peppi-system or some other suitable short name)
  • Supporting information to help the administrator evaluate your request

Optional information is:

  • Summary (description of course for potential students)

You will get email when your request for a course is approved or rejected.

After your request for a course is approved, you can find your course at My Courses list on Navigation block.

>> Course request form

3. How to copy contents from the old course to a new course

If you want to have your course's structure, contents, assignments, forums etc. to be copied for new semester, you should first make request for a new course with course request form (if you do not already have that new course).

When you have the new course you can import contents from the old course to the new course. (You should have teacher role on both courses to perform import.) 

Contents from old course will be imported without participants (teachers and students) and without participant data (e.g. returned assignments, sent forum messages, contents of wiki pages etc.).

4. External account request (for teachers)

Teachers can request an external user account for Moodle for a person who do not have account of University of Turku (UTU account) or who do not have account of other higher education institution in Finland. (That means that students and personnel of universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland can log in to Moodle of University of Turku when they select Other higher education institution account link  ( or haka login button) so they do not need an external account to log in).

If you are teaching personnel of University of Turku you can make request for a new external account by External account request form . Please send at least person's firstname, surname and email address. You should also select his/her language. Country and City/town information for person is voluntary. You should also give reason for account request.

>> External account request form