Among global risks are, to name but a few, economic and political instabilities, human mobility, state transformation, terrorism and climate change both with its consequences that need to be addressed, and the challenges for e.g. energy production systems that its prevention and mitigation bring along. These risks need to be managed so as to maintain sustainability: to be capable of securing our living now, without jeopardizing the future.

This course aims to give a comprehensive overview of regional aspects and solutions of various kinds of global risks mentioned above. These risks and possible solutions are addressed from both global, regional and local perspectives, demonstrating the multi-level structure of the governance of global risks. The objective is also to give students an insight of the concept of security and of the ways in which new kinds of threats and risks enter the regional security agendas. Special emphasis is put on Russia's role and performance in the production, articulation, prevention and governance of global risks in the regional context.