KEKO9001 course (10 ECTS) is a multidisciplinary, teamwork-based compulsory part of Sustainable Development Studies. The course teaches the student to search, discuss, integrate and apply knowledge from the four perspectives to sustainability. KEKO9001 students study in multidisciplinary groups of maximum 10 members. Learning takes place in joint discussions, research and through writing. For the most part of the course, the students work in teams. The work of the team is facilitated by two teachers. There are 2 joint seminars (to start and end the course), 5 joint lectures and 9 team meetings facilitated by the teachers. Between the facilitated meetings, the teams will meet weekly in a self-organized manner. Two or three teams will work in Finnish, one or two in English. The working language of the joint seminars and lectures as well the Moodle of the course is English.