Intellectual property, competition, privacy and communication laws, among others, have emerged as the core areas of regulation in the information society. These laws regulate not only the related economic activities, but affect the technological and social environments of everyday interaction. At the same time, the regulation of these areas has europeanized and internationalized intensively. This means that the related phenomena are shaped by norms emanating from at least three levels: international, European and domestic. Their interaction forms an important research topic on its own and an integral part of research on information society topics. 
The advanced studies in Law and Information Society is primarily intended for the students of the LIS Master Programme. However, master students pursuing Finnish-speaking Master Studies (OTM) may also apply. The number of places available depends on the size of the group studying in the LIS Master Programme. The students pursuing Finnish-speaking Master Studies (OTM) may write their Master thesis in English, Swedish or Finnish. All teaching is in English.