On September 16, 2022, Mahsa (Jina) Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman died after being beaten in police custody after having been Arrested by the so-called morality police in Tehran three days earlier for the incorrect wearing of her hijab . Mahsa's death sparked protests all over the country. Iran has a history of revolutions, protests and discontent, but these protests are notably organized and led by women. The popular slogan of the people is "woman, life, freedom." For decades, Iranian women have been harassed, day in and day out, by the "morality police", arrested, and, in some instances, tortured for not adhering to the country's strict Islamic dress code. The control of women's bodies has been fundamental to the Islamic Republic regime. But now we are witnessing an ongoing Feminist revolution,

This course looks into the history of veil and Hijab law in Iran and its transformation from the religious symbol to a political symbol of a country. We discuss the historical roots of hijab and hijab in modern culture of Iran. We use critical tools and theories to discuss Iran's Revolution and feminism by looking at Women's struggle in a male-defined country. The course introduces essential readings on the cultural and religious aspects of the veil and political ideologies of the Iranian regime by forcing hijab for women. The course offers a space to discuss Women's rights in Iran and how hijab law affects the whole country and started the big Feminist revolution.