The overall goal of the course is to develop understanding on the role of a human element in information security and privacy. The participants understand and are able to analyze and minimize the information security and privacy risks arising from human activity. The students will understand the importance of their digital footprint, and how online and offline activities contribute to their digital footprint, and further impacts their security and privacy. And, understand the contributions of awareness, attitudes, perceptions and individual factors towards their security and privacy related behaviors. The students will be able to perform risk analysis in different cyber security contexts. The students learn to critically retrieve, analyze, and synthesize information, and jointly produce new information and present it in the group. The students also learn team building and management skills.

The course strengthens the following working life skills: presentation skills, creativity, multi-professionalism, problem solving skills, organizational and coordination skills, project management, information and communication technology skills, networking skills, communication skills and cooperation and negotiation skills.