Moodle is being updated! Service outage on 7.6.

Moodle is being updated! Service outage on 7.6.

TiimiMoodle -

Based on numerous user wishes we are renewing the look and usability of Moodle.

In the change of layout special attention will be paid to accessibility factors and visuality. The change will not affect existing courses, but it will provide new opportunities for their editing.

Usability is improved by clearer login and easier navigation to courses. In the future, new courses can be created automatically based on information obtained from Peppi, allowing participants to access the course area immediately after registration.

Introductory video about changes in the environment (english captions available)

Introductory video for teachers on changes in course creation (english captions available)

The new look of Moodle will be available to us on Tuesday 7.6. in an update, in which case Moodle will have a downtime lasting from 9:30 to 17:00. The change does not require any action from the users!

We are hosting two clinic events for Moodle users, which you can attend and feel free to ask questions about the reform.

24.5. at 12-13 a link to the Zoom webinar

10.6. at 13-14 a link to Zoom webinar

Questions and feedback:

(Muokannut Petri Hörkkö - maanantai, 16. toukokuuta 2022, 11:35)