General Instructions

2. Browser requirements

Moodle works with modern web browsers but we suggest that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.


Moodle requires support for cookies in your web browser. Cookies are a feature of a web browser and sometimes due to strict security reasons sites are not allowed to set cookies. Usually this is easy to fix. Here are instructions for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox 4 or newer
  • Tools -> OptionsPrivacy tab
History part,
  • Firefox will [Remember history] or [Use custom settings for history]
  • [v] Accept Cookies from sites
  • Accept third-party cookies [always]
  • Keep until [they expire]

* [v] = mark check box
* [text in square bracket] = select from the list

Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer
  • Tools-> Internet Options
  • Privacy tab
    • Click Sites button
    • Write to Address of website and click Allow Click Ok
  • Click Ok


These security settings have to be on to make possible logon to Moodle. If these settings are not correct Single Sign-on system will deny logon reguest.

Internet Explorer (ver or newer):
Windows: Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced

  • Mark at least next boxes:
    • [v] Use TLS 1.0
  • If there is other TLS options you need to mark these too.