General Instructions

General Instructions

3. Browser requirements

Moodle works with modern web browsers but we suggest that you use Google Chrome or Firefox. You may also use MS Edge or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer.


Moodle requires support for cookies in your web browser. Cookies are a feature of a web browser and sometimes due to strict security reasons sites are not allowed to set cookies. Usually this is easy to fix. Here are links to instructions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to enable Cookies


Moodle needs Javascript to work in the browser. This is usually turned on automatically, but here are directions on turning it on if it has been turned off in your browser:

How to enable Javascript

Pop-up windows

Moodle uses pop-up windows for instance in quizzes when making sure you really want to finish working on your answers and want to return them for assessment. Please enable pop-up windows for Moodle.

How to enable pop-up windows


If you cannot use another browser than Internet Explorer, please make sure of this: These security settings have to be on to make possible logon to Moodle. If these settings are not correct Single Sign-on system will deny logon reguest.

Internet Explorer (ver or newer):
Windows: Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced

  • Mark at least next boxes:
    • [v] Use TLS 1.0
  • If there is other TLS options you need to mark these too.