6. Moodle language selection

When you go to the Moodle home page, Moodle checks your browser settings for the language in which the Moodle home page opens for you. For example, if the browser language is set to English as the primary language, then the Moodle home page will be displayed in English.

From the menu in the top bar, you can change the language you want for that Moodle use. The setting is not retained for the next use. The next time the language is selected again according to the browser settings.

To keep the language selection, change the Preferred Language setting in your user information. Click your own name in the upper right corner and select Settings. In the Settings view that opens, under the Username heading, click Preferred language. There are more than 20 different language options to choose from.

Note that the teacher can force the language of the course from the course settings, in which case the course will appear in a forced language for you regardless of your personal language preferences.