3. Log in to the Moodle

3.1. How to login with External or Norssi account

C) External or Norssi account

  • Some Moodle users who do not have any university IDs log in to Moodle using Login with Special ID, ie on the right side of the Moodle home page, select Login with External or Norssi account.
  • The Norssi account means the account of the Turku or Rauma Teacher Training School that can be logged in to Moodle (https://moodle.utu.fi) by selecting Login with the External or Norssi Account on the right side of the Moodle front page.
  • Please remember to log in at least once a year for as long as you want your information to remain in Moodle. We will automatically delete any IDs that are no longer in use.
  • If you're having trouble signing in, try signing in again and make sure you typed the characters correctly (case sneisive). You can try copying your username and password from your email / password vault into your Moodle login fields to avoid typos. If you have lost or forgotten your password (or username), see the page "How to change / reset password for external account" (if login doesn't work) for instructions.
  • If this doesn't help either, please contact Moodle Support at helpdesk@utu.fi.