The use of Moodle's mobile application is discontinued

The use of Moodle's mobile application is discontinued

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Due to low usage and shortcomings of the mobile application, we have canceled the broader license of the Moodle mobile application and the use of it will end on November 30, 2022.

What does this mean for Moodle's mobile usability?

In the future, we recommend using Moodle also on a phone using a browser. Creating a bookmark for the address in the browser or creating an icon on the desktop of a phone or tablet is preferable for faster usability using a browser.

However, if you want to continue with the mobile application, the following must be taken into account:
* We do not support its use
* The first 50 users will only receive notifications from Moodle (don't be surprised if notifications don't come to the application)
* Moodle's front page and appearance updates do not work in the mobile application and you may miss out on some news updates
* Some of the activities do not work (e.g. H5P)
* For teachers, editing the course area is not possible with the mobile application

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